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In Honor of Earth Day

Being on a farm can give a person a unique perspective to this day of celebration. Frankly, every day should be considered Earth day--a celebration. However, we all have lives that can distract us from the little things in life, such as, walking through a forest, the first spring flowers and even watching a determined slug get to where it needs to go. A lot of (small scale and sustainable) farming is based on observation. Observation of the weather, the fields, the plants and the animals. This helps us bring awareness to our practices and to become adaptable to whatever mother nature may throw our way. Are there ways we could be less wasteful and be better stewards of the Earth? Without a doubt there are; and it is with these reflective thoughts in mind that we seek to cultivate in ways that work with our home planet rather than against it. This Earth Day, why not spend some time on a small-scale farm in your community? You would not only directly be assisting in the assurance of healthy quality and locally grown food, but it will give you a chance to better understand farming practices and how we can all give a little more back to our Earth Mother.

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